Mi Pocket Bluetooth Speaker 2 (Black) GV
  • Mi Pocket Bluetooth Speaker 2 (Black) GV
  • Mi Pocket Bluetooth Speaker 2 (Black) GV

Mi Pocket Bluetooth Speaker 2 (Black) GV    

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Product details of Mi Pocket Bluetooth Speaker 2 (Black) GV

Minimalist, High-quality speakers

Made by professional Danish development TYMPHANY (Difen Ni) for Xiaomi Mi Pocket Bluetooth Speaker 2 has a classic design; the speaker is configured as a grid. Thanks to this the speaker sound is clear, full of deep bass and beautiful high tones. Audio balance is just perfect, so you can enjoy the loud and clear sound. A built-in battery has a capacity of 1200 mAh, so the Mi Bluetooth speaker can play your favorite music up to 7 hours.

• High-quality sound right on your desktop

• Minimalistic design

• Long battery life


Specifications of Mi Pocket Bluetooth Speaker 2 (Black) GV

Material : Aluminum

Control : Touch spin control

Built-in Microphone : Yes

Bluetooth : 4.1

Effective distance : 10m

Playback Time : About 7 hours

Battery Capacity : 1200mAh

USB Power input : 5V / 1A

Sub Description : 

Mi Pocket Speaker 2 is an aluminum alloy-made portable speaker that provides high audio quality and a please to touch minimalist design.


Mi Pocket Speaker 2

1200mAh Large Battery Capacity

7-hour Music Playback

Minimalist Design

Easy-to-Tap Control

Easy to Control Speaker

You can connect the audio equipment, adjust the volume, start or stop the playback whenever you want.

Press and hold the upper part of the speaker to connect the power. Single short press allows you to pause and play the song.

Quick double tap to connect and cut the Bluetooth connectivity.

Turn the top of the speaker by 360° to adjust the volume.

General Features :

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