Ninebot Mini Pro (Black-Red) GV
  • Ninebot Mini Pro (Black-Red) GV

Ninebot Mini Pro (Black-Red) GV    

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Product details of Ninebot Mini Pro (Black-Red) GV

The NinebotMiniPRO has an advanced balancing technology that reads your movements via complex algorithms, sensors and processors at 200 times persecond and reacts accordingly.



Ø  Powerful lithium battery for sustainable power

Ø  Can travel up to 16 miles on a single charge

Ø  Hit a maximum speed of 11 mph

Ø  Take on slopes of up to 15 degrees

Ø  Carry riders up to 220lbs

Ø  Uses Smart Battery Management System for real-time ride status


NinebotMiniPRO is also a portable size of 2 ft. tall and only 28lbs that can easily fit into any vehicle. You can use your smartphone to upgrade its firmwareto monitor speed, enable a tamper alarm or even remotely operate the MiniPRO via Bluetooth.

The NinebotMiniPRO also has a Remote Driving feature that allows for complete control overits speed and turning radius.


*Actual range depends on riding style and terrain.

Do More with the Ninebot App

NinebotMiniPRO makes your ride easy and safe. Just download the Ninebot App and make sure your smartphone is linked to it via Bluetooth connection.

Ø  Personalize your settings

Ø  Access Dashboard

Ø  Automatic Fault Diagnosis

Ø  Remote Control Driving

Ø  Get Firmware Upgrades and more

Adjustable Knee Control Bar

The NinebotMiniPRO’s Knee Control Bar ensures a stable and hands-free ride.It may be adjusted to between approximately 2-3 feet to ensure your comfort.

Enhanced Lighting Options

NinebotMiniPRO uses lights that are equipped with automatic and adjustable front headlight and customizable LED lights.

Specifications of Ninebot Mini Pro (Black-Red) GV

Weight: 13kg / 28lbs

Size: 26 x 55 cm

Max. Speed: 18km/h

     Range: 30km

General Features :

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