Xiaomi AC-M3-CA Air Purifier Pro (White)
  • Xiaomi AC-M3-CA Air Purifier Pro (White)
  • Xiaomi AC-M3-CA Air Purifier Pro (White)
  • Xiaomi AC-M3-CA Air Purifier Pro (White)
  • Xiaomi AC-M3-CA Air Purifier Pro (White)
  • Xiaomi AC-M3-CA Air Purifier Pro (White)
  • Xiaomi AC-M3-CA Air Purifier Pro (White)

Xiaomi AC-M3-CA Air Purifier Pro (White)    

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Product details of Xiaomi AC-M3-CA Air Purifier Pro (White)

The Mi Air Purifier Pro is the culmination of the entire purification technology Xiaomi created into one easy to use smart device. The air in your home will be healthier as it holds a high-precision laser to detect even the smallest pollutants.

• Sharp OLED display

• Large area coverage

• Smart Mi Home App Control

• New Aerodynamic Pressure System

• Sleek design to fit your home's aesthetic


Mi Air Purifier Pro is among Xiaomi’s advanced home appliance created to give you fresh and cleaner air. It will make your home cleaner and fresher to breathe in, as it detects the smallest air pollutants, and cleans the air up to 60m2—for healthier and safer homes.

Mi Air Purifier Pro has an OLED display screen that displays current information including cleaning rate against air pollutants, humidity level, temperature level, Wi-Fi settings, and more. It is equipped with an advanced air pressurization system that changes the air quality in your room 8 times in just an hour. The air that Mi Air Purifier Pro cleans rushes through the purifier for every 7.5 minutes, which is faster than an ordinary purifier!

Download the Mi Home App using your Android or iOS phones, and connect it to Mi Air Purifier Pro, as easy as one tap of your finger.

While your away, you can still monitor the air quality in your house throughout the day, and automatically schedule the switch-on time.

Note: Global version of the product is now available.


Not a Single Germ Will Remain

Mi Air Purifier Pro does not only have a powerful filter with 360-degree air flow design but also sports a super sensitive laser that can magnify even the tiniest particles, which is larger than 0.3 microns in the widest area of your rooms, and eliminates them. It uses TORAY filter that provides second stage filtration.

Easy to Inform you the Air Quality you Breathe

Mi Air Purifier Pro has three color indicators that informs you the quality of air measured at the current time.

Green – Excellent (PM2.5 < 75 μg/m³)

Orange – Fair (75 < PM2.5 < 150 μg/m³)

Red – Bad (PM2.5 > 150 μg/m³)

Mi Air Purifier Pro also has sleep mode option that automatically adjusts the screen brightness lower during night to save energy.

Carbon Filter that Removes Bad Odor

Mi Air Purifier Pro has carbon filter that makes an awesome job in removing bad odors in your rooms. Whether you place the purifier in the kitchen or living room, it filters the unpleasant smell fast to make the air quality fresher and cleaner to breathe.

Specifications of Xiaomi AC-M3-CA Air Purifier Pro (White)

Brand: Xiaomi
Product: Xiaomi Air Purifier 2S
Model: Air Purifier 2S
Material: Plastic
Color: White
CADR(purification efficiency): 310m³/h
Recommended Area: 21m²-37m²
Rated Power: 29W
Standby Power: ≤ 2W
Rated Input: AC 100-240 V
Rated Frequency: 50/60Hz
APP: support iOS or Android system Smartphone
Product Weigh: Approx. 4500g/158.73oz
Product Size:  Approx. 50*24*24cm/19.69*9.45*9.45in
Package Weigh: Approx. 6100g/215.17oz
Package Size:  Approx. 57.5*29*29cm/22.64*11.42*11.42in

Item color may show slight aberration due to different shooting light and monitor display.

Pls scan the QR code in the user manual to download the APP

Package list:
1 * Xiaomi Air Purifier 2S
1 * Filter
1 * Power Cord

General Features :

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