Yeelight LED Ceiling Light GV
  • Yeelight LED Ceiling Light GV
  • Yeelight LED Ceiling Light GV
  • Yeelight LED Ceiling Light GV

Yeelight LED Ceiling Light GV    

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Product details of Yeelight LED Ceiling Light GV

The Ceiling Light You Desire

In the evening, the Yeelight LED Ceiling Light will accompany you while reading a book. It will help you relax before going to bed.

• Simple, Beautiful and Intelligent

• 5 Minute Installation

• IP60 Dust proof

• Control with WiFi & Bluetooth via the app

• IFTT compatible

• 25000 Hours of Life

• Mi Band connectivity (Auto-Off Function)


Specifications of Yeelight LED Ceiling Light GV

Color : White

Dimensions  : 320 x 320 x 73mm

Net Weight : 1360g

Luminous Flux : 1800lm ±10% @4000k

Wireless Connectivity : Wi-Fi & Bluetooth BLE

Color temperature : 2700K-6500K

CRI : =95

Brightness : 0.1 - 1800lm (lumens)

Power : 28W

Adapter voltage : 200V-50/60Hz 0.12A

Lamp input : 200-240V

Lifetime : 25000hrs

Platforms supported : Android 4.4 and iOS 8.0 and above/later

General Features :

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